Pocket Tees

Handmade in Los Angeles with fabric from around the world. Supports artisans and causes.

  • Guapi Pocket
    Guapi Pocket
  • Swansea Pocket
    Swansea Pocket
  • Olympic Pocket
    Olympic Pocket
  • Monticello Pocket
    Monticello Pocket
  • J Tree Pocket
    J Tree Pocket
  • Key West Pocket
    Key West Pocket
  • Glacier Pocket
    Glacier Pocket
  • Badlands Pocket
    Badlands Pocket
  • Talladega Pocket
    Talladega Pocket
  • Santa Monica Pocket
    Santa Monica Pocket
  • Vegas Pocket
    Vegas Pocket
  • Phi Phi Pocket
    Phi Phi Pocket
  • Ko Poda Pocket
    Ko Poda Pocket
  • Shey Pocket
    Shey Pocket
  • Fez Pocket
    Fez Pocket
  • Mima Pocket
    Mima Pocket
  • Yamaguchi Pocket
    Yamaguchi Pocket
  • Fuji Pocket
    Fuji Pocket
  • Shibuya Pocket
    Shibuya Pocket
  • Aya Pocket
    Aya Pocket
  • Izumi Pocket
    Izumi Pocket
  • Sawai Pocket
    Sawai Pocket
  • Bristol Pocket
    Bristol Pocket
  • Boa Pocket
    Boa Pocket
  • Ico Pocket
    Ico Pocket
  • Amazonas Pocket
    Amazonas Pocket
  • Bayeux Pocket
    Bayeux Pocket
  • Melolo Pocket
    Melolo Pocket
  • Olango Pocket
    Olango Pocket
  • Ali Pocket
    Ali Pocket
  • Mandi Pocket
    Mandi Pocket
  • Chamba Pocket
    Chamba Pocket
  • Jaru Pocket
    Jaru Pocket
  • Mimoso Pocket
    Mimoso Pocket
  • Tongi Pocket
    Tongi Pocket
  • Kerala Pocket
    Kerala Pocket
  • Taj Pocket
    Taj Pocket
  • Wahai Pocket
    Wahai Pocket
  • Woodstock Pocket
    Woodstock Pocket
  • Weho Pocket
    Weho Pocket
  • Soho Pocket
    Soho Pocket
  • Omaha Pocket
    Omaha Pocket
  • Ogden Pocket
    Ogden Pocket
  • Marfa Pocket
    Marfa Pocket
  • LAX Pocket
    LAX Pocket
  • La Jolla Pocket
    La Jolla Pocket
  • Kennedy Pocket
    Kennedy Pocket
  • Juno Pocket
    Juno Pocket
  • Hollywood Pocket
    Hollywood Pocket
  • Elfin Pocket
    Elfin Pocket
  • Coco Pocket
    Coco Pocket
  • Boise Pocket
    Boise Pocket
  • Baton Rouge Pocket
    Baton Rouge Pocket
  • Audubon Pocket
    Audubon Pocket
  • Yellowstone Pocket
    Yellowstone Pocket
  • Whoopee Pocket
    Whoopee Pocket
  • Pugs Pocket
    Pugs Pocket
  • Poseys Paradise 2.0 Pocket
    Poseys Paradise 2.0 Pocket
  • Poseys Paradise Pocket
    Poseys Paradise Pocket
  • Palm Beach Pocket
    Palm Beach Pocket
  • Numa Pocket
    Numa Pocket
  • Movember Pocket
    Movember Pocket
  • Mesa Pocket
    Mesa Pocket
  • Meow Pocket
    Meow Pocket
  • Maui Pocket
    Maui Pocket
  • Makushin Pocket
    Makushin Pocket
  • Loco Pocket
    Loco Pocket
  • Lincoln Pocket
    Lincoln Pocket
  • Las Cruces Pocket
    Las Cruces Pocket
  • Lanai Pocket
    Lanai Pocket
  • Lacandon Pocket
    Lacandon Pocket
  • Kusko Pocket
    Kusko Pocket
  • Kauai Pocket
    Kauai Pocket
  • Isla Vista Pocket
    Isla Vista Pocket
  • Hudson Pocket
    Hudson Pocket
  • Honolulu Pocket
    Honolulu Pocket
  • Globetrotter Pocket
    Globetrotter Pocket
  • Galaxy Pocket
    Galaxy Pocket
  • Evergreen Pocket
    Evergreen Pocket
  • Dixie Pocket
    Dixie Pocket
  • Colorado Pocket
    Colorado Pocket
  • Carlsbad Pocket
    Carlsbad Pocket
  • California Pocket
    California Pocket
  • Broadway Pocket
    Broadway Pocket
  • Bismarck Pocket
    Bismarck Pocket
  • Atalaya Pocket
    Atalaya Pocket
  • Arizona Pocket
    Arizona Pocket
  • America Pocket
    America Pocket
  • Albuquerque Pocket
    Albuquerque Pocket
  • Mazunga Pocket
    Mazunga Pocket
  • Ruwa Pocket
    Ruwa Pocket
  • Madadzi Pocket
    Madadzi Pocket
  • Lubimbi Pocket
    Lubimbi Pocket
  • Kwekwe Pocket
    Kwekwe Pocket
  • Hwange Pocket
    Hwange Pocket
  • Harare Pocket
    Harare Pocket
  • Gweru Pocket
    Gweru Pocket
  • Bulawayo Pocket
    Bulawayo Pocket
  • Tashkent Pocket
    Tashkent Pocket
  • Yangi Pocket
    Yangi Pocket
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