Pocket Tees

Handmade in Los Angeles with fabric from around the world. Supports artisans and causes.

  • America Pocket
    America Pocket
  • Rio Pocket
    Rio Pocket
  • Globetrotter Pocket
    Globetrotter Pocket
  • Kennedy Pocket
    Kennedy Pocket
  • Natal Pocket
    Natal Pocket
  • Bamboo Pocket
    Bamboo Pocket
  • Coco Pocket
    Coco Pocket
  • Izabal Pocket
    Izabal Pocket
  • Copacabana Pocket
    Copacabana Pocket
  • Bulawayo Pocket
    Bulawayo Pocket
  • California Pocket
    California Pocket
  • Peña Blanca Pocket
    Peña Blanca x Living On One Pocket
  • Hollywood Pocket
    Hollywood Pocket
  • Brasilia Pocket
    Brasilia Pocket
  • Woodstock Pocket
    Woodstock Pocket
  • Ko Poda Pocket
    Ko Poda Pocket
  • Pugs Pocket
    Pugs Pocket
  • Harare Pocket
    Harare Pocket
  • Kai Pocket
    Kai Pocket
  • Jambi Pocket
    Jambi Pocket
  • Bamba Pocket
    Bamba Pocket
  • Grump Pocket
    Grump Pocket
  • Hwange Pocket
    Hwange Pocket
  • Fuji Pocket
    Fuji Pocket
  • Wallaroo Pocket
    Wallaroo Pocket
  • Brighton Pocket
    Brighton Pocket
  • Dullu Pocket
    Dullu Pocket
  • Maki Pocket
    Maki Pocket
  • Patagonia Pocket
    Patagonia Pocket
  • Lincoln Pocket
    Lincoln Pocket
  • Hakone Pocket
    Hakone Pocket
  • Kwekwe Pocket
    Kwekwe Pocket
  • Shibuya Pocket
    Shibuya Pocket
  • Salvador Pocket
    Salvador Pocket
  • Poseys Paradise 2.0 Pocket
    Poseys Paradise 2.0 Pocket
  • Dover Pocket
    Dover Pocket
  • Bristol Pocket
    Bristol Pocket
  • Palm Beach Pocket
    Palm Beach Pocket
  • Ixcan Pocket
    Ixcan Pocket
  • Adelaide Pocket
    Adelaide Pocket
  • Komodo Pocket
    Komodo Pocket
  • Wahai Pocket
    Wahai Pocket
  • Katta Pocket
    Katta Pocket
  • Kaza Pocket
    Kaza Pocket
  • Saturn Pocket
    Saturn Pocket
  • Kijo Pocket
    Kijo Pocket
  • Semarang Pocket
    Semarang Pocket
  • Lolo Pocket
    Lolo Pocket
  • Kpong Pocket
    Kpong Pocket
  • Boise Pocket
    Boise Pocket
  • Broadway Pocket
    Broadway Pocket
  • Hermosa Pocket
    Hermosa Pocket
  • Whoopee Pocket
    Whoopee Pocket
  • Makushin Pocket
    Makushin Pocket
  • Baton Rouge Pocket
    Baton Rouge Pocket
  • Jamapa Pocket
    Jamapa Pocket
  • Kofa Pocket
    Kofa Pocket
  • Hoo Pocket
    Hoo Pocket
  • Mekong Pocket
    Mekong Pocket
  • Lubimbi Pocket
    Lubimbi Pocket
  • Arizona Pocket
    Arizona Pocket
  • Tulum Pocket
    Tulum Pocket
  • Nazca Pocket
    Nazca Pocket
  • Nagoya Pocket
    Nagoya Pocket
  • Vichy Pocket
    Vichy Pocket
  • Oji Pocket
    Oji Pocket
  • Bao Pocket
    Bao Pocket
  • Meow Pocket
    Meow Pocket
  • Yodo Pocket
    Yodo Pocket
  • Akashi Pocket
    Akashi Pocket
  • Ipanema Pocket
    Ipanema Pocket
  • Olango Pocket
    Olango Pocket
  • Mixco Pocket
    Mixco Pocket
  • Nanae Pocket
    Nanae Pocket
  • Babi Pocket
    Babi Pocket
  • Luna Pocket
    Luna Pocket
  • Melun Pocket
    Melun Pocket
  • Rome Pocket
    Rome Pocket
  • Prrrdy Pocket
    Prrrdy Pocket
  • Kawabe Pocket
    Kawabe Pocket
  • Izumi Pocket
    Izumi Pocket
  • Las Cruces Pocket
    Las Cruces Pocket
  • Entusi Pocket
    Entusi Pocket
  • Wakatobi Pocket
    Wakatobi Pocket
  • Java Pocket
    Java Pocket
  • Grove Pocket
    Grove Pocket
  • Albuquerque Pocket
    Albuquerque Pocket
  • Ochoco Pocket
    Ochoco Pocket
  • Guapi Pocket
    Guapi Pocket
  • Hudson Pocket
    Hudson Pocket
  • Chonburi Pocket
    Chonburi Pocket
  • Loco Pocket
    Loco Pocket
  • Huacho Pocket
    Huacho Pocket
  • Lanai Pocket
    Lanai Pocket
  • Bobokan Pocket
    Bobokan Pocket
  • Noma Pocket
    Noma Pocket
  • Movember Pocket
    Movember Pocket
  • Djambala Pocket
    Djambala Pocket
  • Gramado Pocket
    Gramado Pocket
  • Wasa Pocket
    Wasa Pocket
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